Aubre Winters

We helped Aubre with Technical SEO and SEO Strategy.


In 2019 Aubre Winter’s transformed her career as a dancer and fitness instructor into a full-time fitness entrepreneur. She founded Sweat Sessions, online dance cardio sculpt workout community, where members have access to recorded and live classes taught by Aubre. In 2021 she launched the sweat sessions mobile app.

Aubre not only teaches kick-ass workouts, but she inspires and empowers her community. She’s always preaching self-love, routine, and wellness whether you see her at a live sweat sessions event in a major US city or on her Instagram.

Aubre’s now amassed close to 2,000 Sweat Session members and a following of 85,000 on Instagram that is growing daily.

Aubre Winters Sweat Sessions
Aubre Winter's Sweat Sessions


Her influence is primarily on Instagram, and we know there is so much untapped potential for her to inspire on other media.
Aubre came to us to do technical website SEO and SEO strategy. Overall we focused on:

1. On-page SEO
2. Competitor analytics
3. Keyword research
4. Backlink analytics
5. Social media analytics
6. Content ideas


We fixed any errors that could penalize her on google; images with no alt text, non-existent schema, inadequate keyword use, pages with low word count, duplicate title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, 404 redirects, canonical URLs, etc. These fixes guarantee that her website ranks best for her Sweat Session keywords. In addition, it builds trust with google and strengthens her domain authority.


The competitor and backlink analytics gave Aubre a good picture of how wide her competitors reach is online, and how google is ranking her competition.  It showed her the opportunity for her to earn media and an audience on fitness blogs, podcasts, social sites, and her own website.


The social analytics we gave Aubre, and her social team backed up Aubre’s core content strategy. We took Aubre’s core content topics and ran data reports to show what content resulted in the highest impressions and engagement on Instagram.


Working with Aubre was an absolute pleasure. We can’t wait to see her and Sweat Sessions evolve into this next stage. You can follow Aubre’s journey @aubrewinters or at

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