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We delivered Fierce Jewelry an SEO strategy to compete in the competitive Gold Jewelry market.


Fierce Jewelry is a 14k Gold Jewelry company based out of Chicago. Their Jewelry is 100% pure gold ethically sourced from Italy, Turkey, and the US.

Fierce prides itself on supplying Jewelry that ignores the traditional 5x markups and will last a lifetime.


Fierce Jewelry approached Shock Action in October 2021. They recently went through an incredible rebrand, done by our partners at Isla Luna, and needed SEO.

With a limited budget, we recommended our foundational SEO sprint. This sprint entailed a complete web audit, technical SEO, keyword research, backlink analytics, competitor research, and growth strategy.


In October 2021, Fierce had about 4k Instagram followers and drove most of their traffic to their Instagram shop. On the other hand, their website was seeing around 226 views/month and 1.3k impressions. Not bad, but compared to their Instagram following, we knew they had an opportunity to capture more traffic.

Fierce Jewelry Organic Results Oct. 2021


We dove right into keyword, backlink, and competitor research. What we found was a highly competitive 14k gold jewelry space. Their competitors, Cartier, Jared, Sarraf, and Mejuri (to name a few), ranked for hundreds to thousands of keywords and had collected thousands of backlinks.

With such a competitive market, the only way for Fierce to compete was to stay true to what makes them unique - competitive pricing, styling, and sweatproof Jewelry.

We compiled a report that showed them what keywords to focus on and what keyword opportunities they had.

  1. Adjust any on-page copy to match target keywords
  2. Adjust any product descriptions to match target keywords
  3. Create SEO-optimized content that enriches the website and captures new keywords.
  4. Create partnerships, and utilize current influencer connections (like Aubre Winters)


Fierce took our data and strategy and went off to the races. They’ve seen their organic keywords go from 27 in October 2021 to 141 in July 2022, a 422% increase. In addition, their search impressions have increased from 1.33k in October 2021 to 7.1k in July 2022, a 433% increase.

Fierce Jewelry SEO Progress Oct 2021 - July 2022
Fierce Jewelry 422% Increase in Organic Keyword Rankings


We compared Fierce Jewelry's sessions and sales by search traffic from 11/1/21 to 8/10/22. Since delivering our SEO tactics and consulting to Fierce, they have seen a 400% increase in session by search traffic and a 671% increase in sales by search traffic!

Fierce Jewelry E-commerce SEO Sales by Traffic Source Increase 671%
Fierce Jewelry E-commerce SEO Sessions by Traffic Source Increase 400%

It’s been great seeing Fierce Jewelry excel in 2022. If you need some stand-out 14k Gold Jewelry, make Fierce Jewelry your first stop. Follow along their journey @fiercejewelryco or

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