Rollface Sushi Co.

Our Road To 800% Growth For Rollface Sushi Co.


Rollface approached Shock Action back in early 2021. The crypto NFT craze had consumed them, and they were eager to get involved. They had played around with a few random art ideas, and pretty soon, sushi got thrown on this surfer you see below.

Rollface sushi surfer

It was an instant hit among their circle, but they needed direction to grow the brand. So, after consultation with their founder, we quickly became the lead marketers for Rollface.

We took over their Social, guided their art direction, built them a new Shopify website, sourced their clothing suppliers, designed clothing lines, built email campaigns, and created their product packaging. In two months, they went from a "Sushi Surfer" NFT idea to a fully functioning E-Commerce Brand.

NFTs are still on the radar for Rollface, but without an audience or brand, their NFTs would have no substance. So our goal has been to create a culture of sushi and fun content for Rollace before developing NFTs for their community.


The idea of sushi excited us. Sushi is a carefully crafted food with an incredible aesthetic, so let's shape Rollface around the same quality of sushi. When people see Rollface, we want them to stop and look like they would at a well-crafted sushi plate.


Since we took over Rollface in March 2021, Rollface has seen an 800% increase in organic social growth and 100x in Revenue. It's been incredible to see how fast the community has grown, and we feel like we are just getting started.

We see Rollface as being more than an e-commerce brand. We see it as an interesting way to add to the sushi culture and a further appreciation for what it is. Unfortunately, we have limited control over the longevity of sushi on this planet, but we plan to continue to embrace it.


Let's talk marketing and growth. Building this brand was not easy. To sum it up, it took:

  1. Market discovery
  2. Brand design
  3. Social media management and content creation
  4. Website design and optimization
  5. Shopify management and supplier relations
  6. Clothing design
  7. Email marketing and automation
  8. SEO Strategy and Implementation
  9. Influencer discovery and outreach

It's a daily effort; we've hit hundreds of dead ends and failed at something every day; supplier issues, Instagram algorithm difficulties, failed products, etc. However, we KEEP ROLLING.

Rollface clothing brand brand case study


Our new focus with Rollface is implementing a complete omnichannel marketing strategy to spread their content across the web. We hope that with consistent media and smart SEO, we can help grow Rollface to new heights in the next couple of years.

Adaptation. The realms of social media and their algorithms are constantly changing. Therefore, we must adapt and shift strategy to gain attention in the working channels.

We're forming collaborations and partnerships with other lifestyle creators to showcase the Rollface idea and gain influence.

If you are a food influencer, travel, or active lifestyle content creator who vibes with Rollface, please say hello.

We can't wait to see what's next, so feel free to follow along our journey with the Rollface team @rollface or at

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