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Add consistency to your brands Social media content. Engage your followers.

Instagram and LinkedIn posts or stories guaranteed to increase your customer engagement.


Influencer Collabs

Rollface x Tucker Beatty.

We partner with brands looking for custom social media content and strategy.

Whether you are collaborating with an influencer or not, we plan your entire content strategy to ensure your brand is maximizing demand and having a successful product release.

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Why Shock action?

We create social media posts and stories for a variety of brands. Our most notable brand being @rollface. We offer individual or bundles of social media posts or stories for your Instagram or LinkedIn.

850+% Increase in Followers For @rollface

We have done 100% of the social media creative for @Rollface. We have organically grown their Instagram from 0 to 850+ followers.

Social Media Creative Post - @RollfaceSocial Media Creative Post - @Rollface
Single Or Bundled Pricing

We don't hold you to a long term commitment. You can purchase single or bundled posts or stories at a discounted rate.

Social Creatives

Plans starts at:
Custom posts and stories for Instagram and LinkedIn.
Web Design - Rollface Sushi Co.
E-commerce social media

Noborou Climbing Bags

Driving more traffic to your e-commerce store.

Enabling greatness in your customers through engaging branded posts and stories.

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Instagram Swipe Posts

After completing Pro Basket Consulting's website and logo we were hired to create a bundle of Instagram posts. In this example we created a swipe post for their Instagram feed.

We are always in tune with what content the Instagram algorithm is favoring and can consult with you to decide on the best creative content for your brand.
Social Media Creative Swipe Post - Pro Basket Consulting
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you manage social media accounts?

No, we have our hands full with management. We only create content in single or bundled packages.

Can you create video content?

Yes, we charge $250 per 30 second video. As long as you provide us with the video content.

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